George Carlin is dead.  I don't know why his death prompts me to break my months-long silence on LiveJournal, but here I am. 

I can remember two episodes from my stupid youth that made me laugh so hard that I couldn't breath. You know the kind of laughter...when you just loose your shit and you can't compose yourself.  One of those times was seeing the Enlarged Scrotum Syndrome (ESS) scene from Johnny Dangerously where the guys were all hobbled with giant balls.  The other time was watching a George Carlin HBO special with my childhood BFF Brian Flowers.  Carlin rattled off a bunch of names for bullshit sports he made up while cartoon descriptions accompanied the rant. One of them was Rollerfucking.  That made me loose my shit. I wish I was 11 again.

Good-bye, funnyman.

Minotaur vs. Centaur

My friends,

I need your help.

A pet project of mine went live this week on and I'm very proud and excited about it. Basically, we asked a shitload of celebrities (Ozzy, George Clooney, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Pee Wee Herman, Marc Singer the Beastmaster, Rob Zombie, Uwe Boll...a ton more) this awesome question:

Who would in in a fight: a minotaur armed with a trident or a centaur armed with a crossbow?

The responses are awesome. Some people really get into it. I have to say, asking Ozzy this question was one of the high points of my life. If you only watch one of the videos, make it that one.

Go now, and please, please, this on your myspace page, do a livejournal post, send it to all your friends! If this feature gets enough traffic, I'll be able to produce more ridiculous crap like this...and you know it will be fucking awesome.

I love you go to MINOTAUR vs. CENTAUR

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Arts and farts

I bought a page of original art to add to my ever growing collection. I'm a long time Buddy Bradley fan and Peter Bagge's Hate is the inspiration for Gabagool!. So when I recently snagged a sweet promotion at work I decided to treat myself to a page of art from one of my favorite comic books ever.

This is page 5 from Hate #14. It's the issue where Buddy sneaks off to a dinner party thrown by his ex-girlfriend Valerie. It's one of the funniest issues of the series and I'm psyched to own a piece of it. Check it out:

You can see the page prominently displayed next to the other pieces in my collection, which up until now was a an exclusive collection of Alex Robinson and Mike Dawson art.

The piece of the plane is the aborted first page of Gabagool! #5. It's part two of the "Hedonism" storyline. I dug this page a lot. The page that wound up kicking issue #5 off is better for the story, but this page is a testament to Dawson's ability as a first-class drawerer guy.

The piece in the middle of the top row is the ONLY page of Alex Robinson's Tricked that is not in the hands of A-Rob. I love this page. It's my favorite page in the book because it focuses on the fat, mean cat...who is modeled after A-rob's fat, mean cat which i adore almost as much as my fat, sweet cat. This was a birthday gift to me from my wife and Alex. I love it so much.

Starting the second row is Alex's contribution to my Chris Radtke's Everyday comic. I only printed up one hundred copies of it and sold out of them at SPX in 2004. I don't think I will every print up more. I like that it's rare. Fills me with a false sense of importance.

The last picture is the cover of Gabagool! #2. Easily my favorite drawerering that Mike Dawson has ever done. When coming up with that cover, which is actually a gag for the story "The Meatery" I wanted it to evoke imagery of St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis always was depicted with animals. He's my favorite Catholic saint!

Missing is Tony Consiglio's contribution to Chris Radtke's Everyday. My old friend Jed Davis, who did the layout for the comic has it. Considering Jed is a babycry and won't speak to me anymore, chances are I won't ever get it back. Why won't he speak to me? Because he's a babycry and kind of insane. the details are too retarded to go into. But Jed actually brings this whole thing full circle, because ten years ago I lent him all my Hate comics and I never got them back. You can say that Jed has all my Hate!
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Star Wars Trivia Challenge

Sometimes I get to work on some really fun projects at work.

At Star Wars Celebration IV I found a hundred costumed fans and had each one read a Star Wars trivia question to the camera. We turned all the videotaped questions into a game and the end result is the greatest Star Wars trivia game of them all! For the fans! Hosted by the fans! 

Play it for the awesome costumes! Play it to laugh at the goofballs reading cue cards! Play it because I need the friggin' traffic! 

Please give it a spin.  If you dig it, share it with your friends that love Star Wars.  Or at least your friends who love to see nerds in costumes!

Some of the stars of the Star Wars Trivia Challenge...


Working Brain

Brain Age 2 for the Nintendo DS is coming soon, or it might even be out. I have no idea. But Nintendo sent us some awesome workout shwag, because the game is supposed to be a workout for YOUR MIND! Bah! That's what bong hits are for. ARRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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